Academic Experience

Our Chairman

Divyangsinh Chauhan


Education is a process of never ending rectification.

The most significant part of education and its allied activities is incessant rectification in teaching methodology with changing times. At Mount Litera Zee School, Naroli (Silvassa), one finds the latest tools and techniques of pedagogical development along with a highly proficient, skilled and dedicated staff. Our children are our future and it is extremely important that they are provided with state-of –the art facilities to nurture their inherent talents.

The growing competiveness can take a toll on young, raw minds. We make every effort to provide our students with an environment where their concealed talents come alive. Our aim is to prepare leaders of the 21st century with the awareness and skills to win over the world.

Today, the world has become much more competitive. To survive the intense competition, one must be nurtured in such a manner that the knowledge and awareness becomes supreme commanding forces of a person’s personality. I believe this is an era where polished talents have a much better chance to shine and this polishing begins at a very tender age.

We are proud to have created such an environment for our children and staff where one learns whilst playing and vice-versa. In this era of cut throat competition, we must also remember that values and traditions must be given high priority as well. Leaders of the 21st century would be the people who empower and guide others to victory. Leaders will be those who not only reach their destinations, but also walk with others on their path to grand success.

With our mission etched clearly in our working programmes, we assure we are heading the right way.