Academic Experience

Education System at Mount Litera Zee School

Education remains the pillar on which the society rests. At MLZS, we encourage our students to play, learn and create new possibilities and opportunities for themselves. The system of education here is a perfect blend of modern methods of teaching meshed up with traditional knowledge. Under the guidance of our trained and skilled faculty, the integrated method of teaching aims to-

  • Provide a holistic, child centered programme in order to create leaders of the 21st century.
  • Train students using the latest technology while adhering to the traditional values.
  • Create an environment where young minds explore and assimilate life skills required for a dignified, bright future.

Our Teaching Faculty

A capable faculty bears the power of extracting the best from its students.
Teachers at MLZS are highly skilled and trained in their respective teaching areas. They are always open to new horizons of learning. Being harmonious as well as meticulous, they imbibe qualities of a leader in a student right from the scratch, lighting the lamp for the road success for the child.

Specialized training for teachers allows them to understand the child’s requirements, focus on deficient areasand strive hard to curb the out with proper planning and coordination. The teachers encourage, motivate and empathize with the students to enable self discovery.